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Paradise Lost Book 3 By John Milton Summary

Book 3 of “Paradise Lost” by John Milton shifts focus from Satan’s journey to Earth and the fall of man to God’s response to the events that have taken place. Here is a brief summary of the book: Paradise Lost Book 3 By John Milton Summary

The book begins with God looking down on Earth and lamenting the fall of man. He decides to send his Son to Earth to judge Adam and Eve and to offer them a chance at redemption. The Son accepts this mission and prepares to descend to Earth.

Meanwhile, Satan returns to Hell, where he is hailed as a hero for his successful temptation of Adam and Eve. However, he soon realizes the full extent of his own fall from grace and becomes despondent.

Back in Eden, Adam and Eve are experiencing the consequences of their sin. They feel shame and are forced to leave the Garden of Eden. As they depart, an angel appears and shows them a vision of their future descendants, including the birth of Jesus Christ, who will eventually offer redemption to mankind.

The book ends with the Son arriving on Earth and beginning his judgement of Adam and Eve. He offers them a chance at redemption, but they must first acknowledge their sin and repent.

Overall, Book 3 of “Paradise Lost” provides a glimpse into God’s response to the fall of man and his plan for redemption. The book shows the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin, including their expulsion from Eden and the introduction of death and suffering into the world. It also introduces the idea of Christ as a savior and the hope of redemption for mankind.

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