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Where did Jimmy use the name Ralph D Spencer for the first time?

Jimmy went to the hotel, where he said his name was Ralph D. Spencer. He got a room there.

Main characters in Jimmy valentine?

Jimmy valentine/Ralph d Spencer, ben price Annabel Adams and The Warden.

Who is the protagonist of “Jimmy Valentine”?

The protagonist of the story is a safecracker named Jimmy Valentine.

What is Jimmy Valentine’s profession?

Jimmy Valentine is a safecracker who has spent time in prison for his crimes.

What is the name of the small town where Jimmy Valentine settles?

The town is called Elmore.

What does Jimmy do for a living in Elmore?

Jimmy opens a shoe store and becomes a respected member of the community.

Who does Jimmy fall in love with in Elmore?

Jimmy falls in love with a bank teller named Annabel Adams.

Why was Jimmy Valentine in the prison?

Jimmy Valentine got arrested in prison because he was accused of burgling the bank at Springfield.

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