Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost Book 10 by John Milton summary

Book 10 of “Paradise Lost” by John Milton continues the story after Adam and Eve’s fall from grace. Here is a brief summary of the book: Paradise Lost Book 10 by John Milton summary

The book begins with Adam and Eve feeling shame and despair after being banished from the Garden of Eden. They reflect on their sin and the consequences that they have brought upon themselves.

Satan, meanwhile, returns to Hell, where he is met with the cheers of his followers, who congratulate him on his victory over humanity. Satan then addresses his followers and tells them of his plan to continue tempting humanity and to undermine God’s plan.

God, however, is not deterred by humanity’s fall. He sends his Son to Earth to redeem humanity and to offer them salvation.

The Son is described as a heroic figure, who willingly takes on the task of saving humanity. He descends to Earth and takes on the form of a man, living among humans and performing miracles.

The book ends with the Son returning to Heaven and receiving the adoration of the angels. The stage is set for the final battle between good and evil, which will be fought in the upcoming books.

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