Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost Book 4 by John Milton summary

Book 4 of “Paradise Lost” by John Milton shifts focus to Satan’s arrival on Earth and his plan to tempt Adam and Eve. Here is a brief summary of the book: Paradise Lost Book 4 by John Milton summary

The book begins with Satan arriving on Earth and marveling at its beauty. He transforms into a cherub and makes his way to the Garden of Eden, where he hides in a tree and observes Adam and Eve.

Satan is amazed by the couple’s innocence and beauty and decides to target them for temptation. He plans to exploit their curiosity and pride by convincing them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which God has forbidden them to do.

Meanwhile, God and his angels are aware of Satan’s plan and prepare for battle. They discuss the merits of free will and debate whether or not to intervene to prevent Adam and Eve from falling.

Back in the garden, Satan transforms himself into a serpent and approaches Eve. He flatters her and questions why God would forbid her from eating from the Tree of Knowledge. He convinces her to take a bite of the forbidden fruit and she, in turn, convinces Adam to do the same.

The book ends with the couple’s fall from grace and their realization of their own nakedness and sin. They cover themselves in shame and begin to feel the effects of their disobedience.

Overall, Book 4 of “Paradise Lost” explores the themes of temptation, disobedience, and free will. The book shows Satan’s cunning plan to exploit Adam and Eve’s curiosity and pride, as well as God’s decision to allow them to exercise their free will. It also foreshadows the consequences of their disobedience, including their fall from grace and the introduction of sin and suffering into the world.

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