Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost Book 6 by John Milton Summary

Book 6 of “Paradise Lost” by John Milton focuses on the character of the fallen angel, Satan, and his journey through Hell to reach Earth again. Here is a brief summary of the book: Paradise Lost Book 6 by John Milton Summary

The book begins with Satan gathering his fallen angels in Hell to discuss their next course of action. They decide to seek revenge against God by corrupting Adam and Eve, and Satan volunteers to travel to Earth and tempt them.

Satan begins his journey through Chaos, the vast emptiness between Heaven and Hell. He encounters Death and his son, Sin, who guard the gates of Hell. Satan successfully convinces them to let him pass and continue his journey to Earth.

Meanwhile, God sends an angel, Uriel, to Earth to keep watch over Adam and Eve. Uriel warns Adam about the possibility of temptation and encourages him to remain obedient to God.

Satan reaches Earth and sees the beauty of the world he once knew. He disguises himself as a cherub and enters the Garden of Eden, where he observes Adam and Eve.

The book ends with Satan preparing to tempt Eve and planning his approach. He acknowledges the difficulty of his task but is determined to succeed in corrupting the couple.

Overall, Book 6 of “Paradise Lost” explores the themes of temptation, revenge, and the consequences of sin. The book shows Satan’s determination to corrupt Adam and Eve, as well as God’s continued efforts to protect them through the presence of Uriel. It also depicts the vast emptiness of Chaos and the journey through it, highlighting the contrast between the beauty of Earth and the darkness of Hell.

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