Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost by John Milton All Books Summary

Paradise Lost is an epic poem written by John Milton and published in 1667. The poem tells the story of the fall of man, as depicted in the Bible, from the perspective of Satan, the rebel angel who is cast out of Heaven and seeks revenge on God by tempting Adam and Eve to sin. Paradise Lost by John Milton All Books Summary

The Epic is divided into twelve books:


The poem begins with Satan and his followers plotting against God in Hell, where they are imprisoned after being defeated in a war with the forces of Heaven. Satan persuades his followers to continue the fight against God by corrupting His newly created world and His beloved human creatures.

Meanwhile, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve live in blissful innocence until they are tempted by Satan, who takes the form of a serpent. Eve eats the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and convinces Adam to do the same, leading to their expulsion from the Garden and the beginning of their mortal lives on Earth.

The poem concludes with a vision of the future redemption of humanity through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the eventual defeat of Satan and his followers. The poem also explores themes of free will, disobedience, pride, and the conflict between good and evil.

Paradise Lost is considered one of the greatest works of English literature, and its influence can be seen in the works of later writers such as William Blake and Mary Shelley.

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