Stock character

What is Stock Character in Literature?

A stock character is a type of fictional character that is based on a common literary or social stereotype. These characters are often immediately recognizable to readers or audiences, as they conform to established expectations or conventions. Stock characters are typically not very complex or nuanced, as their main purpose is to serve as a shorthand for a particular type of person or personality.

Examples of stock characters include the wise old mentor, the cunning villain, the naive ingénue, and the bumbling sidekick. These characters are often found in genres such as comedy, melodrama, and adventure stories.

While stock characters can be useful for quickly establishing the tone or mood of a story, they can also be limiting or clichéd. In some cases, writers may subvert or play with the expectations associated with these characters, in order to create more complex or interesting narratives.

Overall, stock characters can be a useful tool for writers, but it is important to be aware of their limitations and to use them in a way that adds depth and richness to the story.

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