The mark on the Wall

Stream of consciousness in The Mark On The Wall

Stream of consciousness :

Stream of consciousness is a technique Or style of writing that allows readers to listen to the character’s mind and thoughts. Stream of Consciousness doesn’t follow regular syntax and grammar because thinking can change at any point of time. It is usually a non-linear work.

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These are characteristics of the stream of consciousness:

Associative Thoughts:

Stream of consciousness makes use of associative thoughts. A character describes his /her thoughts of past experiences and memories. In the short story, the narrator describes the things which she loses in her life. She lost a hand organ, bird cage, jewels, and book-binding tools.

In the short story, we can witness similar types of thought processes of the narrator. She jumps from one thought to another. She links every thought with others. When the short story starts, she is sitting on an armchair and compares the coal of the fire with the cavalcade of the knight and crimson flag. Although she suddenly shifts her mind into a Mark. She first thought it was a nail used by previous tenants of this house. At the end of the short story she got to know, it was just a snail.


Another key point of a stream of consciousness is the repetition of certain images or thoughts. The character can keep back on certain thoughts. In the short story, the narrator also keeps back again and again on the Mark of the wall. Thus it is no doubt that it is a work of stream of consciousness.


This short story is a perfect example of a stream of consciousness. This short story revolves around a character’s thoughts. She links everything with others. It also has non-linear events which is a key point of a stream consciousness work. 

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