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The Proposal by Anton Chekhov question answer

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What is “The Proposal” about?

Answer: “The Proposal” is a one-act play by Anton Chekhov, which satirizes the absurdity of romantic courtship and societal conventions in 19th-century Russia.

Who are the characters in the play?

Answer: The play features only three characters: Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov, a landowner; Natalia Stepanovna, his neighbor and prospective bride; and Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov, Natalia’s father.

What is the conflict in the play?

Answer: The main conflict in the play is the miscommunication and misunderstandings between the characters, which prevent Ivan and Natalia from getting engaged. They argue over petty matters such as the ownership of a dog and a disputed patch of land.

How does Chekhov use humor in the play?

Answer: Chekhov uses situational irony, exaggeration, and wordplay to create humorous situations and dialogues. For example, Ivan’s nervousness and propensity to faint at the slightest provocation is played for comedic effect, as are the characters’ absurd speeches about their ailments, property, and class status.

Why does Lomov decide to marry Natalya?

Answer: Lomov decided to marry Natalya because she was an excellent housekeeper, not bad looking, and well-educated. He is also getting old.

What kind of girl was Natalya?

Answer: Natalya is easily involved in quarrels and she is also abusive.

What is Chubukov’s age?

Answer: the age of Chubukov is 70 years.

What was the name of Natalya`s pet?

Answer: In the play “The Proposal“, the name of the pet of Natalya is Squeezer.

What is the age of Lomov?

Answer: The age of Lomov is thirty-five.

What is the theme of the play?

Answer: The theme of the play is the absurdity of human behavior and societal norms. Chekhov critiques the conventions of courtship, family ties, and property rights, as well as the irrationality of human emotions and desires. The play also suggests that language and communication can be barriers to understanding and intimacy, as words and ideas can be misinterpreted or distorted.

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