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Who wrote the poem”The Raven”?

  • Edgar Allan Poe.

What is the poem about?

  • The poem is about a man visited by a raven one night, and the haunting conversation between them.

When does the poem take place?

  • The poem takes place “once upon a midnight dreary” in December.

What is the protagonist doing when the poem begins?

  • The protagonist is “pondering, weak and weary” over old books.

What does the protagonist hear while he is nearly napping?

  • He hears a tapping at his chamber door.

What does the protagonist think the tapping at his door is at first?

  • He thinks it is just a visitor.

Who does the protagonist think is at his door?

  • He is not sure at first, but later he assumes it is a late visitor.

How does the protagonist feel about the tapping at his door?

  • He feels anxious and fearful.

What is the protagonist’s relationship with Lenore?

  • Lenore is a lost love of the protagonist, causing him great sorrow.

What does the Raven perch upon in the protagonist’s room?

  • The Raven perches upon a bust of Pallas above the protagonist’s chamber door.

What does the Raven say when the protagonist asks for its name?

  • The Raven replies “Nevermore.”

Why does the protagonist continue to engage with the Raven?

  • He becomes obsessed with its message and what it may symbolize.

What does the protagonist think the Raven’s message means?

  • He thinks it is a reminder of his own despair and loss.

How does the protagonist feel after the Raven says “Nevermore”?

  • He feels depressed and hopeless.

Does the Raven say anything other than “Nevermore”?

  • No, the Raven only ever says “Nevermore.”

What does the protagonist do to try to distract himself from the Raven’s message?

  • He tries to link one fancy to another, to try and distract himself from the Raven’s message.

What does the protagonist fear will happen to him in the future?

  • He fears he will never be able to forget Lenore, and will continue to be haunted by his loss.

What is the mood of the poem?

  • The mood of the poem is melancholy and eerie.

What is the significance of the Raven in the poem?

  • The Raven is a symbol of the protagonist’s despair and grief, as well as a reminder of his mortality.
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